[Video] KBS Music Bank – 17 August, 2012

Psy winning K-Chart

BEAST – “Beautiful Night”

VIXX – Rock UR Body

BOA – “Only You” feat Sehun from EXO-K

Super Junior – “SPY”

Teen Top – “Be Ma Girl”

B.A.P – “No Mercy”

SISTAR – “Loving U”

Mario (feat. BEAST’s Jang Hyunseung) – “Mayday”

Skull & Haha – “Busan Vacance”

ZE:A – “After Effect”

TASTY – “You Know Me”

BIGSTAR – “Hot Boy”


EXID – “I Feel Good”

CHAOS – “Racer”

TWO X – “Double Up”

SKARF – “Oh! Dance”

E7 – “U”

BEAST Backstage

AOA, 2X and SKARF Backstage

Skull & Haha and Sistar Backstage


Source : SOOMPI

Mnet M! Countdown – August 9, 2012

Song of the week

BEAST “Beautiful Night”

Super Junior “SPY”

Skull & HaHa “Busan Vacance”


AOA “Elvis”

SUPERNOVA “She’s Gone”

Glam “Party (XXO)”

N-Train “I’ll forget you”

Jevice “I’ll Love” feat. Yura from Girl’s Day

Eru “Hate” feat. Junhyung from B2ST

Tasty “Spectrum” and “You know me”

AOA and SUPERNOVA backstage

C-Clown “Solo”

Mario “Mayday”

D-Unit “I’m missing you”

Super Junior and Tasty backstage

20 – 11 by B.A.P


Source : SOOMPI